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PHP Development

As PHP web development library comes with a wide set of graphics, XML, encryption, Perl, C and much more, our customers prefer to use the PHP platform which is independent and can easily run on all the major web browsers.

Some of the top benefits include:

- It is server friendly and supports many servers

- PHP is one of the safest and secure ways to develop a web application

- It is very cost effective and as a popular open source PHP is available for free of cost which is why this scripting language website can be developed at a low cost.

- Carries most trustworthy and reliable tools to create a web application and has been in use for more than decades now and experts developers suggest that this makes a successful and bug-free website.

- With few lines of code, developers can create any functionality in PHP.

- PHP is considered as the best programming dialect for web development and most ideally recommended for beginners, expert developers and web programmers who appreciate the use of this script side language

At the choice of our customers, we have been actively working PHP web development services and we have noticed that for small to medium and large businesses, PHP delivers excellent User Experience and User Interface designs are also easily done.

UX/UI Development

Target audience has their say on your website and in an attention span of 2-3 seconds, you are required to retain their presence. This calls for best User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design strategy to the development process of your web/mobile application. This is crucial for the success of your website and to stay competitive. It also necessitates to maximize your opportunity to convert traffic into regular users and further users into buyers and advocates.

KBK IT Services has a team of professional UX/UI developers who focus on ‘user first’ concept and focus and we use numerous innovative ways to make it easy for web traffic to utilize e-commerce features and create value.

Top benefits that KBK IT services identifies with the use of UX/UI design:

Enables Strong User Experience

- Apart from offering a major competitive edge and strong user experience, it also attracts the retention of customers and builds trust with people.

Maximizes Revenue Generation Opportunities

- Maximizes revenue generation opportunities with the users’ journey. This is further achieved with A/B Testing to test the users experiences and better plan interactions. Further it improves calls to action that converts the leads to revenue growth.

Highlights Usability Issues

- Integration of UI/UX in the web development process highlights usability issues and provides solutions. This governs both flexible and scalable solutions that save resources, time and money.

Achieve Insights and User Engagement

- Engagement metrics are highly valuable as they bring insights of your customers. We set up an experimental environment for our customers to optimize your platform’s user experience and further interact with your solutions that are based on engagement insights you collect. KBK IT services accurately measure success at a new level and bring shape to conversions consistently.

Reduce Troubleshooting

- KBK IT Services pays special focus on fixing and resolving easily avoidable errors and these are sometimes about user behavior, navigation stocks or any unwanted new features etc., We ensure to user design your platform accurately, and efficiently to help alleviate any potential obstacles and errors in future.

Web Application Development

KBK IT Services helps a wide range of SMEs and micro unit businesses with web application development services. As we are wholly a technology business enterprise, we take pride in pursuing our passion for web application development.

We empower businesses with strategic web application development services that makes your brand unique and stands out from your competitors.

Not only do we design most mobile-friendly, multi-platform-supporting websites, but we also ensure that our designs deliver high performance to reach your target audience.

As you know with the medium of technology path, businesses get on Internet in a cost effective and cost efficient manner, but it also brings a set of multifold benefits that include:

- Easy navigation features for access

- Search Engine Optimization for search engine ranking

- Improve and increase sales

- Ongoing and upcoming new clients for your business

- Add new clients

- Improve user engagement

- Scope for extensive advertising and marketing

- Streamline your brand

- Save on costs

- Add e-commerce features

Software Testing & QA

Quality Assurance being the most important in custom app development process, KBK IT services ensures software testing to make the software absolutely efficient without bugs and errors.

We add the process of manual testing, API tests and automation tests apart from issues related to User Experience (UX).

Total Quality Management also includes Quality Assurance and Quality Control to produce high quality products

KBK IT services follows the following phases in software testing & QA.

- Test Analysis

- Test planning

- Preparation of test cases

- Test data

- Test environment

- Testing and error logging

- Testing and approval

- Android Development

Further we ensure that the following quality factors are corresponded during the process of testing:

- Performance with adequate response time

- Extensibility to add functions to the existing system

- Usability with simple and clear interface

- Security to protect personal data via authorization and authentication techniques

- iOS Development

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